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We have a class for everyone, from beginner to expert.

Our Classes

Intro to Pistol

Look no further than our Introduction to Pistol class. With a focus on safety and handling, this is the perfect opportunity for new gun owners or those who have never held a firearm before!

Intermediate Pistol

The Intermediate Pistol class is the next step for gun owners who are ready to take their skills up a notch. This course will include everything from working with your firearm in various positions, reloading techniques that can save you time when it counts most, and shooting while moving.

Advance Pistol

If you are an experienced shooter and can clear malfunctions, then this Advanced Pistol Class is for you. The class will cover shooting from a holster, reloading your weapon quickly, and other scenarios.

CCW Classes

Unlike most CCW courses that require a full 8-hour day, this course is “At Your Own Pace”, meaning you can complete portions of the course and save your progress as you go.